Terms and Conditions

From here on Administrators of aphroditeapparel.com can be reached at [email protected]

From here on Workers of aphroditeapparel.com can be reached at [email protected]



An account must be created to view the prices of items shown on aphroditeapparel.com. The account is used also, to purchase and review items. Registration is free, however since the site is a wholesale site, a tax id or retailers permit number is required. All accounts will be viewed and verified by the administrators of aphroditeapparel.com. Administrators of aphroditeapparel.com have the right to terminate or delete a customer account for any reasons the administrators deem prudent. Notification may be sent for the reason of termination or deletion of the account.

For questions regarding accounts and account creation please email the administrators of aphroditeapparel.com


Customer’s Information

Customers have the ability to change the basic information of their account, e.g. Name, Address, Phone Number, etc. To change the account information, please log into the account, and then go to my account.

Administrators of aphroditeapparel.com will use the information provided by the customers to contact the particular customer. Method of contact can be but is not limited to phone, fax, email or letter. Reasons for contacting the customers can be but is not limited to, promotional deals, order information, customer information, shipping address, credit card information and newsletters. Contacting the customer is a means of marketing and reminder of the items and promotions.



Administrators of aphroditeapparel.com have installed the site with the top security software of Secure Socket Lock (SSL), with a 2048 bit encryption. This security software is implemented whenever private information is transferred from and to aphroditeapparel.com. SSL is a secure lock that is placed in the customer’s information such as but not limited to name, address, credit card number, and etc. With only the right code (key) is the lock released, to show the customer’s information. To read more of how SSL protects your personal information please search for SSL on any internet search engine.

SSL security is only given to websites and companies that have gone through the confirmation and validation process. This process is to show that the company is operating legally. Moreover, that the business has all the paperwork and license information current. To view the information on the extended SSL validation, please click on the SSL socket lock on left part of aphroditeapparel.com


IP Address

IP address may be monitored by the administrators. IP Addresses are used for marketing purposes, to geographically locate members. Administrators of aphroditeapparel.com may band specified IP Address for the purpose of keeping the site clean and bandwidth cleared for potential customers.


Order Information

All order information is stored inside our system. Customers can see their orders by logging into the account. Statuses of orders are constantly being updated as the orders are placed together. There are three distinct order statuses: Pending, Processing and Shipped Out.

Pending: Order has been received. Pending confirmation of payment and order information is valid.

Processing: Order payment and information has been validated. Workers are currently placing all orders together, getting it ready for shipment.

Shipped Out: The order has been finalized and shipment label has been made. Order was shipped out. Customers will be notified with the tracking number to view the progress of the package.


Cookies / Web Session

Internet cookies are text files that are stored inside the user’s web browsing software. This is used so that the server remembers the specified user’s preference and status. This method is no longer used on online shopping malls. The site aphroditeapparel.com is constantly upgrading the system to match the current technologies. The site aphroditeapparel.com does not use cookies, however there is a technology called session. The server of site aphroditeapparel.com identifies each computer with different number to remember the settings of the particular user. There is no text, or other files stored into the user’s computer or web browser by the site aphroditeapparel.com


Supplemental Information

All information collected from customers is used for marketing purpose to further development of aphroditeapparel.com. Information gathered is utilized to make plans for which demographics, age groups, regional places and etc, of items uploaded and promotions made.



The website aphroditeapparel.com, has links to other websites. Mostly these links are to the partners of aphroditeapparel.com. Furthermore, these links are used but not limited to process payments, track a package, or to give further information about aphroditeapparel.com, its partners and security functions.



Email one of the primary method of communication from the administrators / workers of aphroditeapparel.com to the users. Email addresses that the user registered on their information is the email that will be used to contact the user. The reasons for administrators of aphroditeapparel.com in sending out emails is the following but not limited to, order status updates, order problems, promotional deals, and newsletters.



Newsletter is an email-marketing tool used to inform the customers of but not limited to, new products, special products, sale products, promotional deals. If you do not want to receive these emails, there is specific instruction on the bottom of the newsletter.


Inactive Accounts

Administrators of aphroditeapparel.com has the right to terminate an account for inactivity for period of time. There is always an evaluation period. However, if there are no account activity the administrators of aphroditeapparel.com has the right to terminate the account. Notification may be sent to the users. Users can create another account without any trouble. 


Information Requested

All information requested by the is for but not limited to customer orders, shipment, contact and data collection for marketing. All information is kept private so only the administrators of have access. All information collected is secure and encrypted. 


Direct Deposit/ACH or Wire Transfer

Direct bank to bank wire transfer. This is the easiest and most preferred method of payment, especially when doing an international order. This method is very safe since the wire transfer is made through the banks. To do a bank-to-bank wire transfer, please call the workers of aphroditeapparel.com and request for the bank’s routing number and account number. When the amount is placed in and confirmed, Customer Points will be added to the user. The payment and shopping can all be done without any discomfort.



Customer Points


Customer Points is a system made for store credit ONLY. When items are returned the refund amount is given through the customer points system. Whenever, customer points’ status is updated, an information email will be sent to the customer.

When customer points are available, that payment method can be used to purchase items. Furthermore, combination of points and credit card or Paypal can be used to purchase items.

Customer Points have one-year expiration period. If customers do not use the points within one year the points will be deleted automatically. There will be an automatic email sent out a month before the points expire.

Customer Points can also be used a method of payment as it is combined with wire transfer. When the confirmation of wire transfer is received, the equivalent amount of points will be added to the customer’s account, a great method for international customer.

For further assistance on points system please email worker of aphroditeapparel.com.


Reseller’s Permit or Tax ID Required

The site aphroditeapparel.com is a wholesale site only. All users must have Reseller’s Permit or Tax ID to register and purchase items. Furthermore, since the site aphroditeapparel.com is a wholesale site all item are not charged with tax. California Reseller’s Permit Application States:

You are generally required to obtain a California seller’s permit if you sell or lease merchandise, vehicles, or other tangible personal property in California. A seller’s permit allows you to sell items at the wholesale or retail level. If your sales are ongoing, you should apply for a “Regular” permit. If your sales are of a temporary nature (90 days or less), apply for a “Temporary” permit. You cannot legally sell taxable items in California until you have been issued a seller’s permit.

When you obtain a seller’s permit, you acquire certain rights and responsibilities.

  • You may buy property for resale without paying tax to your supplier. By providing the vendor a completed resale certificate, you are not required to pay sales tax on property you are buying for resale.

You cannot use a resale certificate to buy property for your own use (even if you plan to sell it after its use).

  • You must keep records to substantiate your sales, purchases, and return deductions and keep them for four years.
  • You must file returns according to the Board’s instructions for the filing basis that we determine from your application. You must file a return even if you have no tax to report.
  • You must pay the sales tax due on your retail sales in California. You may be reimbursed by collecting the amount of tax from your customers.
  • You must notify the Board of any business changes. A permit is issued only to the owner and address listed on the permit. If you change ownership, address, add another location, sell or close your business, add or drop a partner, you must notify the Board by calling or in writing. Your notification will help us close your account and return any security on deposit. If you do not, you could be held liable for continuing business taxes.